Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy

One of the truly great Divine Mothers is Kuan Yin, the compassionate saviouress and Goddess of Mercy, who embodies the virtues of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. It is said that Kuan Yin was born out from a ray of white light emitted from the right eye of the Great Buddha Amitahba. His Discriminating Wisdom helps overcome the passions of greed, lust and cravings. Kuan Yin embodies Amitahba's compassion in a more direct and personal way.

The picture at the right represents Kuan Yin who is standing on the dragon of the unreality that everyone must choose to slay within themselves. She holds in her hand a vase of amrita, meaning "immortality".

Kuan Yin, more appropriately known as Kuan Shih Yin, means “the one who regards, looks on, or hears the sounds of the world.”  She is the bodhisattva of compassion:  bodhisattva is literally a “being who is destined to become a Buddha, but has foregone the bliss of nirvana with a vow to help every being on earth. Legend tells how Kuan Yin earned her name, Kuan Shih Yin. As she paused on the threshold of heaven, she was about to enter when she heard the anguished cries of the world. Out of compassion for the suffering of others, she turned and vowed to remain and help those in need for however long this may take. Bodhisattvas are truly messianic figures, and our spiritual brothers and sisters willing to sacrifice themselves for others life after life. The bodhisattva vow is a sacred and holy vow and not one to be taken lightly.

Kuan Yin ensouls the God qualities of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, which is the foundation of the soul to become the Christ, and then the Buddha. She is a nurturing Mother to mankind in much the same way as Mother Mary. Her names are as numerous as those of Mother Mary and her title and office as a Goddess denotes her level of attainment as a Cosmic Being. To the people of Japan she is known as Kannon and in China and Korea she is called Quan Yin (Guanyin). Her altars are evident throughout the Orient dedicated to the Mother of Mercy.  Her temples are found in homes and wayside grottoes, and prayers for her Presence and her Flame are incessantly on hearts of her devotees seeking succor and guidance in every part of life.

The Retreat:Temple of Mercy

Like many ascended Beings she has an etheric retreat called the Temple of Mercy, where souls can travel to while the body sleeps or between embodiments. There she ministers to souls from this retreat which is etherically located over Peking, China, teaching them to balance karma and fulfill their divine plan through serving life and invoking the violet flame, a flame that encompasses the pink and ruby of God’s Love and the blue flame of God’s Will. So great is Kuan Yin's compassion and forgiveness that everyone who comes to the Temple of Mercy leaves knowing that because they are loved, they can go forth to try again and to succeed. We can pray to her not only for comfort, healing, guidance and succor but also for mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She shows us through the flame of forgiveness how to free ourselves from all hardness of heart and teaches us to have compassion for all. She comes as the Mother to dispel all maya (illusion and with the tenderness of a Cosmic Mother's heart, her love melts even the most dense of human creation and spurs those with even the heaviest karma to renewed service and an invocation of the violet flame of forgiveness.

This ancient retreat of thisTemple of Mercy as seen with the inner eye has twelve pagodas surrounding the central golden dome pagoda, "each of which focuses the yin and yang qualities of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun." The main pagoda has an aura of silence and reverence to it. Sitting before a beautifully carved ivory altar is a golden urn that contains the flame of mercy.

The beauty and naturalness found in the gardens surrounding the pagodas also reflect the perfect balance of the yin and yang. As you stroll, you hear the gentle tinkling of the crystal wind chimes hanging in the doorways.

A network of semi-circular bridges crosses over the ancient rocks surrounding the streams and ponds that wander and meander throughout the gardens. Glistening amethyst crystals the color of mercy's stone, sparkle among the trees and flowers creating a soothing landscape of harmony, peace and balance.

The flower lined footpaths lead to various pavilions where you can sit and meditate. As you enter into your inner heart you are saturated in the flame of forgiveness and mercy. Here one feels the "tenderness of the heart of the Mother" and the intense love she has for all her children.

Souls in need of "respite and a saturation of the forgiveness flame" come to this retreat between embodiments. On a planetary level, the action of the flame of mercy anchored in this ancient temple radiates to the earth impulses of "gentleness", "devotion to family" as well as the desire to serve one another.

Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary

Mother Mary has told us that "the blessed Kuan Yin has become known as the Saviorress out of the East performing the selfsame and identical function as my own, yet each of us bringing to this office of Mother our own past attainment and experience which is different by our very service on differing rays."

Mother Mary has always encouraged us to give the "Hail Mary". Devotees of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin put together rosaries to give using Eastern mantras in a rosary called the Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary *. Through the giving of these rosaries there is the calling forth of the violet transmuting flame. Kuan Yin explains:

"By violet flame and violet flame mantra and by my ancient mantras you recite, I do release to the earth crystal spheres of my rosary, crystal spheres of the yin and yang, the Alpha and the Omega of the violet flame and the Seventh Age."

The mantras in this rosary have the "Thirty-Three Manifestations of Avlokitesvara as Kuan Yin" which are mantras used in China since the seventh century to venerate Kuan Yin . By the intonation of Kuan Yin's mantras the disciple of the Sacred Mysteries enters a unique geometry of the sound of the Word of God that leads to the heart of the Divine Mother and higher levels of ones Real Self, in order to fulfill the call of the Bodhisattva of Compassion to literally become the embodiment of the Divine Mother and her universal manchild for the saving of the one and the many.

Kuan Yin is working very hard to help us bring in the golden age of the Seventh Ray of Aquarius and make it a reality. By calling to her in all sincerity she can help you seek resolution and healing and show us how to balance our karma.


The Seventh Ray Qualities and the Violet Flame

The Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin is a "representative of the Seventh Ray" which God qualities are mercy, forgiveness and compassion. This ray is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit and is violet in color. It is the ray of the Aquarian Age. Also called the flame of transmutation and freedom, it can transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of negative karma.

Kuan Yin also serves on the Karmic Board and brings her momentum of mercy and the God qualities of the seventh ray that she represents. She also held the office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray for 2000 years before St.Germain assumed the office in the 1700s. The age of Aquarius is dawning. Mystics and sages say this is the age for the awakening of our understanding of God as Mother. It is the age for the raising of the Mother flame. Kuan Yin teaches us the safest way to accomplish this is through prayer and devotion to God.

In a dictation given on Mother's Day, May 8, 1988, Kuan Yin said:  I ask you to prove me, to make your demands upon me and to command my Light and to keep on so doing until you should sense you have reached the limitations of my office.  For I tell you, beloved, there is no thing of the will of God that I will not alchemically precipitate if you are able to bear it, if you are able to hold the harmony for it, and if you will seek the internal integration of the soul in the Seventh Ray chakra with the fiery heart of the living Christ.

Kuan Yin ascended thousands of years ago. As the Bodhisattva of Mercy, she holds the flame of infinite mercy for all. According to the Ascended Masters, mercy's flame contains the brilliant hues of violet ranging from orchid-pink (God-Love) to the deep-purple flame of blue (God-Will). Kuan Yin's flame resembles the color of orchids with the pink gently softening the blue. Her symbolic flower is the lotus. The center is pink with each unfolding petal reflecting deeper and deeper shades of violet.


1.   Karmic Board:  The Lords of Karma are ascended beings who comprise the Karmic Board.  Their names and the rays which they represent on the board are as follows:  First Ray, the Great Divine Director; Second Ray, the Goddess of Liberty; Third Ray, the Ascended Lady Master Nada; Fourth Ray, the Elohim Cyclopea; Fifth Ray, Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth; Sixth Ray, Portia, the Goddess of Justice; Seventh Ray, Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.  The Lords of Karma dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy, and judgment on behalf of every lifestream.  All souls must pass before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth, receiving their assignment and karmic allotment for each lifetime beforehand and the review of their performance at its conclusion.  Through the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels, the Lords of Karma have access to the complete records of every lifestream's incarnations on earth.  They determine who shall embody, as well as when and where.  They assign souls to families and communities, measuring out the weights of karma that must be balanced as the “jot and tittle” of the law.  The Karmic Board, acting in consonance with the individual I AM Presence and Christ Self, determines when the soul has earned the right to be free from the wheel of karma and the round of rebirth.  Customarily the Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat twice yearly, at winter and summer solstice, to review petitions from unascended mankind and to grant dispensations for their assistance.

2.  Kuan Yin, PoW Vol. 34, No. 58,Summit Lighthouse, November 17, 1991.

* Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary is published by the Summit Lighthouse. Copies are available through Amazon. Members of Theosophia have free access to all Summit Lighthouse songs, decrees, rosaries, Messenger lectures and dictations.