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Beloved Goddess Lakshmi

Impurity in Divinely Sponsored Activities

December 16, 2009

Beloved of God,

I come today, through our Messenger to help you see that which has been the bane of the Light on this planet for quite some time. We, of the ascended hosts, have sponsored many organizations and people during the history of this planet, for we have never left the people of God. But we have left the people of anti-God. For you see, beloved we are not here to sponsor the darkness, but we are here to sponsor the Light.

So I come, a representative of the Divine Mother, as Lakshmi, the Hindu consort of Vishnu, the Supreme Preserver of Life. My beloved, the Vishnu principle, you know as part of the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Are you aware beloved, of what I represent to life? I come as the Divine Mother, and yes, I represent the Mother principle of the Preserver principle of Vishnu, but I also come representing the shakti force of my beloved, as the principle wayshower to the Christ consciousness, for my beloved is also represented as the Divine Son, the preserver of the union of God’s Reality with his wisdom.

And so you see, beloved, that the way to the Christ consciousness may also be found in the Hindu tradition, though they know it not by that name, but by its form of illumination to mankind in preserving the matrixes of traditional union of God with man through the consciousness of teaching oneness with God, Brahman, through the wisdom of soaring above the human consciousness of desires.

Perversion of Sponsored Messengers’ Truth
Now beloved, this is not so hard to understand, that we in the Eastern tradition have similar concepts and teachings as is taught in the West and through Christianity, as we all come from the same source and we all teach to various states of consciousness. But what has occurred throughout the planet is a perversion of the greatest distortion of not only the teachings of the Christ, but the teachings of the Buddha. For you see that the West thinks that Christianity is the ultimate way to union with God, and in the East it is believed that through union with the Buddha nature, ultimate reality will pursue.

But you see the difference in these two major philosophies of religious orders, is that Buddhists believe in union with a Reality and Christians with a God. And though you may believe, “What is the difference?” I will suggest to you that I am hear to speak to you exactly on this difference that is being spread about through our sponsored Messengers in this and the once previously sponsored Messenger of Shangra-la Mission.

We have given many teachings describing the union of man’s potential reality with the Christ reality exemplified through Christ Jesus. We have also given various teachings on the different cultures of Buddhic and Taoist traditions, most notably the Taoist tradition of Lao Tzu and the original teachings of Gautama Buddha. All other forms of Buddhic sects, including the Tibetan Buddhists, have come about through these two sponsorships of Taoism and Lao Tzu and Siddhārtha Gautama as taught in Early Buddhism.

Now, beloved, out of these traditions, Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity, you have all you need to reach that true union with the Divine origin that you are. But as these religions stand today, they are all polluted with man’s inability to absorb the truth of the Reality of who he is in God and are watered down with the unrealities of the polluted minds of men, who have mostly been from the minds of fallen angels, bent on the destruction of any means for the truth to reign supreme for the victory over the human consciousness. If you would like to look at the history of these religions, you can quickly see that they have branched off into many subspecies of their origin, which origins would be their original sponsored messengers, who were advanced Beings come to give mankind a higher truth than what they previously had.

If you take a truth and you insert the lie, you may over time get many people to want to believe that lie and even replace the original truth. It is easy to do as time nullifies anything, in given that man’s life is so short and history is long. The fallen ones do not care how long it takes for a lie to take hold and become the distorted truth and reality for the sons and daughters of God, they simply keep on inserting their lies here and there and the work is done. It is as simple as that.

The Ascended Master Activities and Impurity
Now we come to your present situation with the same predicament that you have seen happen in these previous originally pure teachings of the sponsored messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as well as Guy and Edna Ballard, both forming movements of Ascended Masters’ Teachings, respectively the Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant; and the I AM Movement. These Messengers were sponsored directly by the Ascended Hosts, and both brought forth new and revised teachings from prior sponsored activities. The I AM Movement built upon the Theosophical Society and its truths released through Helena Blavatsky and the Summit Lighthouse built upon the Bridge to Freedom and its messenger Geraldine Innocente.<1> But you see, neither one of these organizations were pure and so their teachings needed to be purified through the next two sponsored activities, The I AM Movement and the Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Triumphant.

If you look at the pattern that has happened over the last century, you see that there was impurity in one sponsored organization through Helena Blavatsky, (who did not ascend) followed by a pure messenger, Guy Ballard, who ascended. And then Geraldine Innocente (who it was purported that she committed suicide) followed by Mark Prophet who founded the Summit Lighthouse and ascended in 1973. Then you have the Shangra-la Mission, which would, if you follow the pattern, be an impure teaching. Now some of you might be shocked to know some of this, for you who are presently in the Shangra-la Movement, as a sponsored activity that we are now suggesting to you is impure. But such is the case and that is why we are bringing it to your attention.

And why would I, Lakshmi, the shakti of Vishnu, the representative of the Divine Mother in the Hindu tradition, be bringing you this knowledge today? Because this has everything to do with what I stand for in higher oneness with the Divine Feminine. If you look at the split in the present situation with your two prior Messengers for the Shangra-la Mission, you see that the split occurred between the Messengers (for want of a better term I use their descriptions) over the “I Oneness You” versus the “I AM You”. And behind those two terms, is the controversy over the Divine Feminine.

What you have seen happen in recent weeks, is that the prior sponsored Messenger, Kim Michaels, has begun to put on his website links to teachings given by other women in his following, women that separated out from the former sponsored Shangra-la Movement to join with him in his higher oneness.<2> Each one has purported to have taken dictations from the Divine Mother or representative of the Divine Feminine. <3> It is interesting to note that his followers of this new higher oneness are made up of predominately women, especially those who surround his immediate forcefield.

Now take note, this is not to say that women are the problem in any new movement, but to point out to you that the separation that happened between these two Messengers was entirely based on the Divine Feminine issue. And thus you see the fact of the Divine Feminine representatives surrounding his releases of new rosaries and suggestive of the fact that he did not have contact directly with the Ascended Masters because he released these rosaries without the typical message from Mother Mary that often occurred when he has released new rosaries in the past.

Example of Impure Motive
Typically you could say that this is not exemplary or noteworthy, but I am leading you to my point, so bear with me for a moment. On September 7th, this Messenger received an email from the former messenger's new spiritual partner — one of the women surrounding the prior Messenger and who founded the new higher oneness theme with him — writing saying she would like a refund back for time not spent at the school of Being. This occurred because she was upset with this Messenger for charging her credit card for a previous purchase she had made using the Mission’s card and which she authorized this Messenger to charge on her card to recover the loan.

The reason I bring this point up here, is that the one bone of contention between our two prior sponsored Messengers, is that one believes the judgment to be a God-given right and duty and the other believes it to be a malefic action when used, unless used in the general context of calling forth the judgment upon forces of evil outside of the realm of duality. And what I mean by that is that the judgment call given from one inside the duality consciousness would be considered to be malefic to anyone, as it is used from the distortion of the dualistic framework and mindset – and what one prior Messenger likes to say “the mental boxes and dramas” and therefore should not be given unless free of the duality consciousness.

But this same Messenger has taught, in his prior teachings to the community, several teachings from Jesus through him on the purpose of the judgment call. In that manner, he has in the past accepted that the judgment call can be given by one still caught in the duality consciousness, but in his new higher oneness philosophy it is not accepted that it is possible or right to do so, based on the fact that you are not free of the beam in your own eye so as to see the mote in another and call forth the judgment on that one’s ungodly actions.

Now I return to his new spiritual partner’s remarks to this Messenger, where she asked for a four-day refund on her prepaid school of Being charges, because she left four days early. And this was due to her announcement of leaving to get away from the school of Being and this Messenger, after the former Messenger announced he was leaving this Messenger for a higher oneness with her. What action was taken by this Messenger and what action was taken by this new partner?

This Messenger charges her card as authorized by this new partner for the use of the Mission’s card for her purchases, and the new partner writes this Messenger that since she charged her card that she now owes a refund from the school of Being for her early withdrawal. The card was used without this Messenger’s permission, but given by the prior Messenger’s authorization of her use of the card.

Now who is justly acting responsible and in oneness with Divine Justice? And if one of these individuals was not in accord with Divine Justice, what would be the recourse for you to do? The new partner wrote later that she not only wanted the money refunded for herself, but since this Messenger had charged her card at all for the monies she had borrowed, that she now owed another student that left early from the school of Being, as they traveled together to and from Europe. [The total amounted to $434.69 according to compilations done by the new partner.]

Divine Justice through the Judgment Call
Do you believe that Divine Justice can be served by someone who is blinded by greed and obviously has a sense of superior wisdom that they are annoyed at someone who appears to be ignorant of the fact that “it is strictly against the law to process someone’s card without any service,” as she accused this Messenger of doing for something she authorized? Now, take note, this new partner is a bank employee who very well knows the laws of the credit industry and asked the prior Messenger to charge her card for her borrowed use of the Mission ’s credit. And now she is using this law to coerce this Messenger into guilt for breaking the law, which she had every right to disclaim and order her bank to refund her the charges illegally charged to her card.

This is clearly a breach in conformity to the higher oneness we espouse as Cosmic Beings and clearly has no oneness with the Divine Mother that I AM. For you see, the Mother principle is honest, pure and straightforward. When one lives in the honor code of “I AM my brother’s keeper” they will treat each other in one accord, with good will intentions and without coercement and blaming and tactics of manipulation.

Do you believe that there are individuals in this community, including the present company of community members, who are free of the duality consciousness and free to give the judgment call on such an action as this new partner took toward this Messenger out of revenge and annoyance that she had done what was authorized by her to do?

Do you see that the Divine Mother principle is not just relegated to the soft mother actions of nurturing the young in tender loving caring that sooths the wounds of today and encourages the safety of the tomorrows. But rather I, Laksmi, am one with the principle of the Divine Mother as the defender of your right to Be one with the Christ consciousness. If something stands between you and your Christ Self, there I will be, if you call to me, to assist you to overcome that attempt by some part of the not-self or some action of another’s not-self that would tear you away from your truth and oneness with the Christ.

I am the defender of the Faith between you and the mediator of Christ consciousness, the only doorway to a higher oneness with Infinity. Would you rather have a higher oneness with some newer pathway to some other reality? Because I tell you that this former organization and the one that has branched off from it sponsored by our former Messenger and his new spiritual partner, is not the reality of which you have been taught through the sponsored Ascended Master activities of the Summit Lighthouse and I AM Movement.

A Higher Purpose for the Judgment
The former Shangra-la Mission has been polluted by the concepts of the “I Oneness You” and the “Conscious You” that we have allowed to come forth through your prior Messenger, Kim Michaels. And to do so would seem a travesty to some of you. But as I mentioned, this has been going on in prior organizations as the pattern that occurred throughout the last century. Would we break that pattern now, or would we have a higher purpose for allowing such false concepts to come forth and even to come forth in the last days from this Messenger’s twin flame, the beloved Great Divine Director, through our former Messenger? For you see, there is a pattern that has developed through the former Mission, and this pattern has been going on for some years. And many of you were so blinded by your idolatry of the former Messenger and his relationship to Jesus, that you could not see the many inserts of the lies that were inserted here or there in the releases through that Messenger.

But what was allowed to come forth in purity throughout their mission together were the teachings on Being. And so you will find that this present Messenger’s books and releases on Being were pure and have remained pure throughout. But the teachings released through the prior Messenger, and his books, are tainted with false teachings on a higher oneness, singularity, unconditional oneness and a false sense of duality. Why would we allow such teachings to come forth through our Messengers? It is precisely for what has occurred in this community. There has been a dividing of the way – a judgment you could say – of the followers of The Way and the followers of the Conscious You. And so now you see clearly, that the world is populated with the “I Oneness You” philosophy of “unconditionality” in just loving everyone without judgment, and the false Mother of outer purity that appears to look and act kind, but in the heart is density, hatred, anger, greed and contempt for anyone outside their higher oneness, which is to say, higher wisdom.

But beloved, what wisdom is that? For if it was truly the wisdom of the Christ, then there would be no need for a higher oneness with anything else, for the Christ consciousness leads to the ascension in the Light and the wisdom of the Father and the Mind of God. Why would you need a higher oneness than that? What is above the Christ consciousness that these higher oneness individuals are looking for, that they gather together outside the teachings of Being through the sponsored Mission?

Remember, these individuals and this higher oneness was begun at the end of the July school where Being was taught by this Messenger. It was begun by students, along with the prior Messenger and his daughter, to promote a Buddhist philosophy of union with a higher Awareness, a Nirvana you could say, where everything is beautiful, soft, kind and loving. There is no judgment necessary, for the love of the mind for another is enough to overcome any adversity. There is no responsibility for past karma because higher oneness means you are outside of duality and those caught in their mental boxes and dramas, and all you need to do is accept this Conscious You as the self beyond duality and you are free from everything that ties you to lesser mortality.

Beloved, do you think this reality is necessary for the physical plane? Do you think that there was a higher purpose to come into embodiment than to ascend to this higher oneness of bliss and ignore your fellow men caught in their mental boxes and doomed to endless rounds of Samsara? Yet this prior Messenger’s teachings – that he says are from the Ascended Master’s – have had the Masters say this exact thing, that they no longer can help the poor souls who are trapped in their mental boxes and they are moving on and leaving them to their endless suffering in Samsara! Would you want to be one with this type of Cosmic Being, whose love has limits rather than the love that has no bounds?

Do you see that there is something very wrong here with these teachings that have been released through this new oneness formed and that now continues with the prior Messenger and his new spiritual partner? These teachings are not anything new to this planet, however much the new partner and the prior Messenger believe they have a greater oneness to release to the world. Rather you may find these teachings riddled through Tibetan Buddhism, through certain sects of the Mahayana tradition, through Christian movements, and all based on a higher wisdom that transcends the Christ consciousness, or what the Buddhists believe as the cause of Samsara, desires based on the emotional realm.

The answer – eliminate the emotions and focus in on the mind and wisdom. Stop the flow of light through the emotions and entertain the mind as the supreme source of all. Happiness will reign, for those who cannot control their “emotions and attitudes (dramas), by developing one’s wisdom of identitylessness.” And, "All can be comprehended in a single moment through the perception of the one “identity” we all share, our identitylessness (emptiness of self-existence). This single-moment comprehension is the perfection of wisdom, which knows all phenomena through the one flavor of emptiness, thusness." <4> Yes, beloved, these are the exact words of Tibetan Buddhists.

Merging Into the Sacred Fire of Being
Do these Buddhic teachings sound familiar to the “I Oneness You” philosophy and the recent dictations published on the former Messenger’s website, and in his newly released book, Master Keys to Personal Wholeness? But I might question, to what is this wholeness pertain to? If you eliminate the emotional body and the source of emotions, the heart, can you have anything left of worth to be happy? Can you have this formless identity as the true state of Oneness and higher Awareness “the ultimate reality” that leads you to the ultimate singularity of oneness with Father Mother God? Would you want this formless, indentitylessness state as you merge your God flame with all the other God flames that have ever been? Would this not be akin to going to the second death and merging back into the Sacred Fire of Being, where your identity is wiped clean as your identity is repolarized to the All?

Beloved, I have only begun to touch upon the many falsities released through the former Mission and presently through the prior Messenger of Shangra-la Mission. But I ask you to consider the purpose of this release and why I have chosen to speak here on the inconformity with the Laws of God that has occurred through the former Shangra-la Mission. I spoke of the major cause of the rift between these two Messengers for the former Shangra-la Mission, was the division in the understanding of the Divine Feminine and the purpose of the mantle of Messengership and the role of Mother in man.

The Fallen Consciousness Have No Divine Mother
Mother is seen as something to eliminate on this planet, and you find that in prior Golden Ages, most notably Lemuria, which sunk beneath the sea for the destruction of the focuses of Mother that were the predominant culture and spirituality in the land, and then the murder of the Divine Mother representative whose body temple was a focus of tremendous light for the planet. <5> Once destroying the physical temples, by interchanging the falsities of the fallen consciousness for the truth of the purity of the Mother, and then the physical murder of the body temple of one who carried so much purity and truth in the Christ consciousness, there could be no sustaining the physical structure and base of the land that life was based upon. Take away the Mother, the base, and you have nothing to support life. And yet you find all over this planet the destruction of the culture of Mother, the Mother endowment and the taking over the pure Light principle with the energies of the Great Whore. And so what do you expect when you daily read of the warring and the contempt for life that is occurring throughout the world?

Return the Mother to the land, return the culture of pure truth, based on the union of the Christ Son with the Mother Light, and then you will see a culture of Mother returning like you have not seen in thousands and thousands of years. But we expect more, beloved. We expect the ratification of Christ Being the union with God the Father, the Great Divine Father who gives you the Divine Direction of the wisdom of the Father, that you cannot access except through the purity and wholeness of Father Mother God within you. And how many, beloved, do you imagine our incarnating on this planet today who have that pureness that they may have union with Father here below, and accept their Divine Femininity within, regardless of the gender they were born into?

Without that purity of heart, there is no union with the Christ Son, nor any attempt to Be the Father here below. For the Father cannot make his abode in the physical, but he can Be One with the Mother through you being one with Mother through the Christ consciousness. Replace that Christ consciousness with the Conscious You principle (or whatever you want to call it as the prior Messenger is so fond of saying) and you have no doorway to the mystical union of Alpha and Omega here below. No opportunity to be the white cube in the center of Being. Beloved, know that what I speak of is the truth as I AM. But you can only know this truth in your heart. Your heart is there for your accessing. But if you follow the Conscious You teachings and the false teachings that have been released in this organization through the prior Messenger, you will know the way of death, the way to the second death and the ultimate Reality of Oneness with the Sacred Fire. If that is you ultimate reality that you want, go ahead and maintain your oneness with the singularity of the false Mother representatives he espouses. But their oneness and will only lead you to your death.

Know also, that your prior Messenger knows these lies that he has released. He knows what he has done and he knows what needs to be done now. He will let you know of his answer to this dictation and his witnessing to what he has done. Whether it takes him a year or whether it takes him a month, we will hear from him his confession from his heart and to you, the present and past members of the former Shangra-la Mission, for his willing participation in this great escapade of the fallen consciousness of the “I AM You/Conscious You” releases through him. There is a purpose beloved. Know that purpose will be revealed to you through our prior Messenger when he chooses to tell you himself, what he has done and why.

I seal you in the flame of peace. The pure peace from the heart of God through the heart of the Cosmic Mother through the heart of the new representative of the Divine Mother. For this Messenger, is now the Mother of the Flame, as she received the mantle from us, transferred from Elizabeth Clare Prophet on her anniversary of her completion of the year of the Mother on her Cosmic Clock. For beloved, she has passed every test to be able to wear this mantle and to serve you in the pure love of the Mother Divine. Know her peace that passeth all understanding, for she has the true peace of Buddha, merged with the pureness of heart to heal anyone and anything if she so chooses to bestow that Mother Flame on another. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. The door is open. The Way is clear.

I AM the Divine Mother Lakshmi. I AM here for you when you call to me. Ask and you shall receive my help to let go of the Conscious You philosophy for the true Reality of the Christ consciousness.

1. Kashmiri Brahman Koot Hoomi Lal Singh—known to students of Theosophy as the Master K.H. together with El Morya (the Master M.), founded the Theosophical Society through H. P. Blavatsky in 1875. She passed on in 1891. El Morya spoke in a Summit Lighthouse dictation in 1988 that the mahatmas provided for Blavatsky a sheath of an astral body because she lacked the fortitude to be a messenger and would otherwise not have been their amanuensis. She was known for having several bad habits, a heavy smoker and known for her outbursts of anger and use of profanity. She was purported to have imbalances with the Father principle and it was suggested through the Summit Lighthouse that she was the incarnation of an ancient soul who owed great karma to the Ascended Masters for her prior deeds to thwart their activities. She may have been responsible for the stopping the progression of their work and thus they used her to progress their work, for which her crassness broke through the timidity of the times in the occult understanding. It was possibly for her judgment of the misuse of the wisdom of Theosophia in the promotion of the Conscious You philosophy in prior ages, that she was guided to use the name Theosophical society.

* The Ascended Master Godfre was embodied as Gen. George Washington, the first president of the United States. In his final incarnation, Godfre and his divine complement, Lotus, served as Saint Germain’s messengers—Guy and Edna Ballard—through whom the Master founded the I AM movement in the early 1930s. Guy ascended in 1939 and Lotus in 1971, and announced through the Summit Lighthouse.

* In 1952 the Great White Brotherhood sponsored a new dispensation and Messenger. They utilized Geraldine Innocente, who was said to be the unascended twin-flame of the Ascended Master El Morya.. Geraldine Innocente passed on in 1961. According to her followers she ascended. According to El Morya, through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, she went to her second death. He announced to the Church Universal and Triumphant community that he was looking for a new twin flame.

* The Summit Lighthouse was founded in 1958 by Mark Prophet after El Morya asked him to be his messenger. He later married Elizabeth Clare Prophet, his twin flame, who became a Messenger. Church Universal and Triumphant was founded in 1974. Mark ascended in 1973 and Elizabeth passed on in 2009.

* Shangra-la Mission was founded in 2003. Lorraine and Kim Michaels became Messengers for the Great White Brotherhood in 2002. Kim Michaels left the former Shangra-la Mission to form his higher oneness activities with Helen Parmas in July 2009.

*Theosophia is the Way was founded on December 16, 2009 as the next sponsored Ascended Masters' outer activity to replace the former Shangra-la Mission that was tainted with false teachings taken through its Messengers to support the take down and exposure of the Conscious You.

2. .

3. Dictations from the Divine Feminine principles have been released and published on the Ask Real Jesus website from Helen Parmas, Sandy Singer and Joelle van Rooijen.

4. From the “Endpoint of Suffering” by Tsenzhab Serkong Rinpoche I, August 19, 1980 and "Buddhahood embodied: sources of controversy in India and Tibet by John J. Makransky.

5. Mount Shasta in the United States, was once the crown chakra of Lemuria. In 1988 the Brotherhood withdrew their physical retreat from Mount Shasta. Why? Ascended Master Ra Mu explains that unless the records of the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria are transmuted, which is a heavy weight of karma on the planet, women cannnot truly rise to their full stature of Christhood and femininity. Because of the misue of the Buddhic wisdom as superior to the Christ wisdom in millions of people on this planet, the light of the Father principle has been moved from the focus of Mount Shasta and the crown chakra of the prior land of Mu. Mankind are cut off from physical access to that light for their wanton display of ignoring the Christ wisdom and union through the Christ via the Mother Light within, rather going after the higher oneness through the false purity and false Mother of the Great Whore and false Son of the Antichrist which leads to the false wisdom of the Serpent in the false Father usurping the Divine Direction of the Father. The take down is complete through the "I Oneness You./The Conscious You" replacing the Christ at the nexus of the figure eight flow between God and man. Man must choose to Be the Mother principle before entertaining even being the Christ Son. Without Mother there is no foundation for any growth individually or collectively on this planet. Mother must be restored ere men and women can rise to the true freedom to Be.