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The Throat Chakra

The Center of Power

Magnetize love by the power of the spoken Word, through the throat chakra, focus of the blue ray offered in praise of Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit and by giving the adoration to the flame.



The throat chakra which focuses sixteen petals of light, is the power center in man and is located over the physical throat. Through the gift of speech, God’s children exercise the power and the authority of the spoken Word by means of this chakra; they increase in faith and in the perfecting of the Word and Work of the Lord by a self-sacrificing devotion to the will of God. The color of this ray and chakra is a brilliant sapphire blue.

The sixteen frequencies are for the precipitation in the four planes of Mater correspond to the thought form of the pyramid–four petals on each side of the pyramid, on each side of the square. The twelve petals of the heart that were for the balancing of the Trinity in each of the four lower bodies are transformed in the throat chakra into the sixteen aspects of virtues flowing in the breath of the Holy Spirit. Now there are four petals in each of the four lower bodies. You see that the threefold flame in etheric, mental, emotional, and physical quadrants has become the fourfold action of the law. The triangle has become the square; and Spirit’s flame is now ensconced in Matter through the original decree of Alpha, “Let there be light!” and the response of Omega, “And there was light!” The womb of creation, the Cosmic Egg, was the materialization of the God flame.

By the action of the word spoken, all that has been garnered in the hidden chamber of the heart–the wisdom and the love of the inner teacher and the will of the law–is sent forth as the sword of the sacred Word to coalesce in Matter both the personality and the patterns of the I AM THAT I AM.

This center of the blue ray of the will of God is the key to the shortening of the days for the elect that mentioned in the Scriptures. The shortening of the days, or the cycles, of the balancing of karma occurs through the correct use of the spoken Word. When we use the name of God “I AM” and follow it with affirmations of light, we begin the transmutation process. Anything and everything that proceeds from the throat chakra coalesces in form, for good or for ill, by the action of the power of the Word.

Care should be taken that this sacred chakra that is the mouth of God, be not misused, but refrain from idle chatter and course words. The Scriptures say: “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment; for by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” (Matt. 12:36, 37).
When the word is spoken in righteousness and love, the energy of the heart flows with God-control to bless other parts of life. When the words reflect unrighteousness and the demons are allowed to mouth their mutterings through the uninitiated who has not the discernment to recognize the false imposters, there occurs a distortion in the pattern of the City Foursquare.

Those who maintain the steady flow of the compassionate word, the gentle word, speaking the firmness of the law as it relates to the evolving soul consciousness, are those who overcome the accuser of the brethren by the blood of the Lamb, which is the essence of fire flowing from the heart chakra.

The blue is the ray of God’s will that amplifies each expression of the law, each word of praise, and is the authority for healing and science in this octave.

Archangel Michael, as the Archangel of the First Ray, initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra.

The sacrement of baptism, the first ray of blue, corresponds to the throat chakra.


Misuses of the sacred energy center of the throat comes forth through blasphemy, all manner of gossip, variance, witchcraft, black magic, and hatred.

With misuse-such as cursing in the name of God or Jesus Christ, gossip, criticism, sarcasm, angry words, or "unseemly conversation"- great harm is done to ourselves as well as increase the planetary level of human effluvia.

Even irritation toward others and the voicing of that irritation causes imbalance within all of the chakras, because the throat is the command center through which our creative forces flow to all fife, establishing the tenor of our aura and our person.

This concept was known by Jesus when he admonished us, "Let your communication be, Yea, yea; and Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil" (Matt. 5:37).

This was not meant to exclude necessary communication between persons but was a reminder to us of the seriousness of the misuse of the word; and it also revealed his awareness of the power of the spoken word to affirm Truth.

Jesus was teaching that words were as important as actions, and that both would be weighed in the soul's ultimate evaluation. It's also important to realize that idle chatter (like idle sex) drains you of the energy you need to focus for maximum performance. Too much talk and not enough action, like any other indulgence, squanders the life-force and reveals an absence of control and personal integration.

Despite its enormous significance in human relations, society has de-emphasized the word to such a degree that cynicism and incisiveness have become more important than true communication. It has become acceptable to lie, curse, gossip, and treated as having no relationship to the power to create or destroy.

The first step to the clearing of the throat chakra: to purify speech. The process of sealing the light in the physical atoms of the physical body and can be accomplished only by the decree of the Word, the spoken Word, spoken with the authority of the I AM name. It is through the sixteen-petaled throat chakra that the words pronounced are empowered by the God Presence within, to precipitate the unformed into that which is form.

Mantras have been intoned in the East using the science of sound for thousands of years. The mantra becomes the chalice that holds the sacred fire of God in the physical plane for the blessing of all life. The spoken prayer, decree, or mantra, the invocation or I AM affirmation should always be given at the opening and the closing of your daily meditation or yoga.


I AM THAT I AM (Repeat as many times as you like.)

Not My Will, Not My Will, Not My Will but Thine Be Done.

Bija Mantra
Purification and Balance: OM HAM NAMAHA

Protection and Perfection: OM SOU HU NAMAHA

Light Expansion: SOU HU

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