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Heart Chakra

Focus of Love

Through the Elohim Heros and Amora in the heart, focus of the pink ray and the threefold flame, magnetize love as the adoration of the will of God, as the balance of the Christ mind, as the intuitive faculty of love itself, and as the wholeness of the Trinity in manifestation.


"The opening of the third eye is not the measure of spiritual attainment, but the opening of the heart." Beloved Cyclopea 1980

The Third Ray is the ray of God’s Love and the twelve-petaled heart chakra is the love center in man. The color of this ray ranges from a delicate petal pink or rose-colored beryl to the purging fires of the ruby.

The heart is the fount of life, and out of it come the issues of life. The heart becomes sacred when the Christ consciousness is elevated, the carnal mind is dethroned and the heart is made to be the master of the temple and the master of our life.

The heart chakra is the central force of Being in you. It is the seat of all life, all living, all giving, all flowing, all energy received from God. It is through the heart that all the other chakras are distributed their light. The light comes over the crystal cord from the heart of the I AM Presence and it goes directly to the heart, which distributes it to the three chakras above the heart, and the three chakras below, making a total of seven, plus the eighth chakra, which is in the secret chamber of the heart. The only way the soul force can be liberated in the chakras is by the light anchored in the heart.

The heart is the key to attainment-- not the brain or the nervous system or any other part of the temple. The heart contains the record of all our initiations, all our overcoming.

Once the required tests of the solar plexus are passed, the soul may proceed to her schooling in the heart chakra. Here the lessons to be learned are mercy and compassion. It is within the heart chakra that the transmutation of hardness of heart must occur, what the Buddha calls the unmerciful heart, by good works in service to life and the exercise of love. When the soul is ready she may receive the testing of the Inner Buddha and the Inner Christ in the Eighth Ray chakra, the antechamber of the twelve-petaled heart chakra, where the threefold flame burns on the altar and the Inner Buddha is Guru and the Inner Christ is High Priest.

Hearts constricted, where the room is narrow and the expanse of consciousness is not great, cannot contain the mind of Buddha, for the foundation of that mind is compassion. The lessons of life in the heart are lessons of divine love and what is human love. Loving oneself may be the beginning, but one must first love the True Self in order to appreciate the expression of the soul in the process of becoming that Self.

The twelve virtues of the heart can be multiplied individually, one by one, or as the wholeness of the balance of the threefold flame. This multiplication, whether it be of the fires of forgiveness or of the five talents, or for the healing of the lepers, is always accomplished through service to life as the true disciple ministers unto the needs of the Christ in all.

Archangel Chamuel, as the Archangel of the Third Ray, initiates us in the uses of love in the heart chakra.

One of the most important parts of keeping fit is cleaning up and balancing the heart chakra. Just as the brain and organs depend on blood flow, so all other chakras depend on energy flow from the heart. Thus, when the heart is clogged through selfishness and possessiveness which blocks this flow, all of the chakras suffer.

Negative frequencies impinging upon the heart can cause heart attacks. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the civilized nations, and is directly related to the spiritual heart and manifestations of hatred, mental criticism, hardness of heart, envy, and even the death wish, (i.e smoking, taking drugs) which amounts to witchcraft. By failing to qualify thoughts and feelings with love, there is a mental and emotional engagement in the perversions of the throat chakra and karmic conditions are created.


I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires!

Saint Germain's mantra for the Aquarian age can be adapted for use with all chakras as follows:

My heart is a chakra. of violet fire, My heart is the purity God desires!

Bija Mantras

Purification and Balance: OM YAM NAMAHA

Protection and Perfection: OM AIM HRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAYE VICHE

Light Expansion: KLIM

For the purposes of visualization, the heart chakra. when at its optimum, emits a white fire clothed with shades of pink, rose, and ruby depending on the intensity and purity of the love expressed.

This rose of the heart has twelve petals. It is visualized over the place of the physical heart, although in the perfected state, it and its physical counterpart would be in the center of torso.

See the threefold flame within it, with its three plumes of Power, Wisdom, and Love as flames of blue, gold and pink respectively. As an added protection against world weight, you can see in your mind’s eye a spinning disc of white light in front of the heart.

Now, let us enter the heart chamber. Visualize a sphere in the center of the diaphragm, in the center of the chest. The sphere is the size of a large marble. It is white, glistening white, translucent. Visualize yourself entering this sphere, entering into a large room, a large round room. There you are seated in a white robe, meditating upon the threefold flame. You see the brilliant sapphire-blue plume, God-power released to you as energy for qualification. You see the brilliant yellow in the center and the pink to the right and the blue to the left. See them equal and blazing, the action of a fire burning, a roaring fire.

The threefold flame now intensifies, increases, magnetizes the light of the Central Sun. The base of the threefold flame is the white sphere. It is the energy of the Mother, a replica of the base chakra. It is the sphere of purity that releases the power of the Trinity of the Father as blue, the Son as yellow and the Holy Spirit as pink.

As you feel the energies intensifying in the heart, building up as though a balloon were being blown up inside of you, release the energy. Feel it go out from the heart to bless all life. As the energy projects out from the heart it is the Alpha current. As the chakra is turning, the energy that was released forms a vortex of fire that appears as a whirling sun over the heart. The whirling sun releases energy. God is filling your heart with more wisdom, more love, more power than you require, for it is given to nourish a planet and a people.


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